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Backyard Bass… The Payoff

In anticipation of the impending big bass bite that occurs every spring I have been pounding every nook and cranny of the river with the hope of nailing some Big Bass and until the day before yesterday I was not having much luck. To make matters worse I was getting reports that the West Delta was on fire. My confidence was fleeting and had it not been for similar dismal reports from other fishermen in the area I may have hung up my rods and taken up knitting… Ya Right!

I had pretty much tried everything, I ripped crankbaits, slow rolled spinnerbaits, fished jigs and chatterbaits at 17 different speeds, I fished a c-rig on the edges, I fished deep, I fished the rocks, the humps and the flats I even broke out an old favorite when the bite is tough, the trusty black and red Senko with no results. All the while the red hot West Delta reports kept coming in. My two buddies Joey and Neal were fishing The Hook Series TOC, an amateur team tournament series out of Russo’s thats sponsored by the Hook Line and Sinker in Oakley. They ended up taking 3rd in the two day event with a bag of 41.68 pounds. The second place bag was 51.80lbs and the winning bag came in at a whopping 54.46lbs!

Joey on the left and Neil with their fat 41.68lb bag of Nice Delta Bass.

Not bad scores for an amateur event. Anyway, after a brief, What were you using? conversation with Joey out came the green pumpkin Senko and with a little extra flair…. Bingo!! Fish On!!!

Now I’m not sure if it was the green pumpkin Senko,  the water temp hitting 55, the right part of the tide, or the absolutely gorgeous Spring like day…Or all of the above but on my third cast of the morning I boated a Nice 5lbr.

A nice 5lbr. on a Senko

It got slow from then on I fished the next hour and a half without a bite and returned to the Houseboat for some lunch. I figured I would go out and fish the last part of the incoming the top and an the couple of hours of outgoing tide till dark I picked up 3lbr.

A nice 3lb. Black off the the telephone pole.

off a submerged log that had lodged itself on the weed edge

The sunken log I got the 3 off of.

and another pound or so fish off the junk at the tulle edge but things were still kinda slow.

The steering is out on the Ranger so until I get the money to fix it the area I have to fish is pretty much limited to my backyard which is good, as it does have every prime feature necessary to catch big bass, But… I just felt like I needed to fish a different spot, so I rode the current down river figuring I would drift and fish to this other spot, fish it then make my way back with the trolling motor, But…the westerly kicked up so I figured it would best to remain in slough I was already in and I opted to  ride the wind back while pounding rocks with a BDS 4 to no avail so I finally switched back to the Senko.  I fished the edges the flats the docks, stopped to take some shots of a Drake Mallard that was way too comfortable around humans. I was pretty much ready to call it quits, the wind was making it a pain to hold position because of my inability to steer my main motor, I was unable to use it as a rudder to position the back of the boat. So I kicked the trolling motor up to 90 made a quick half hearted cast in to the wind toward the docks missed my location and BOOOM!!! a 7 pound Largemouth hammers my senko, so after a short struggle, a better grab the net for this one scramble and a couple of pics back she goes.

Nice 7 plus Black!

Now ya know why they call em largemouth

Rejuvenated as only a 7lb Black can I kick the trolling motor down enough to inch forward in the wind and settle into what I had just accidentally discovered, this particular wave of fish the ones I had caught earlier and this one were all very dark in color they were clean not beat-up, they were a little lean and they were savagely attacking my senko, I surmised that these were pre-spawn fish as I resumed fishing with my new found determination. I fished till dark, I caught one more 5lbr and lost a couple of fatties due to operator error, (just getting back in the swing of things after a year in the hospital) All in all it was a good day, I got to hook some big fish get a little insight as to where they are and most of all get a little confidence boost, Oh ya and got to check out a sweet sunset.

As I sit writing this I am waiting for the tide to come up and out I will go, the wind is 15 to twenty but has shifted a bit so I’m gonna give it a try, I had to sit yesterday cause it was blowing 30 with gusts to 40.. No thank you very much! Seemed like a good day to hone my COD skills. Stay tuned!!!


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