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Surfin the Lane

Heading back to the sweet spot

Here’s some thoughts on Surfin and Surfin the Lane by Cody Burks. Cody is life long surfer and resident of Santa Cruz and thanks to him Benny and I have spent many a day at the beach photographing, watching and enjoying an art form that is best expressed when the swell is big and Mother Nature is hell bent on fury. Checkout Cody’s  blog at http://leproductions.tumblr.com……… Hutch

Cody Burks

Steamers Lane… A fascinating coliseum of ocean that brings surfers into the lime light and chaos of the West Side of Santa Cruz and also put Surfer’s Careers into check. It’s a static wave that unless you’ve grown up surfing the stretch of water extending from the Light House down to the Statue, chances are you won’t quite know what to do with it. Few have fully mastered the potential of this wave. Guys like Nat, Flea, Hudson, etc., etc. know exactly where and how they’re going to paint their own version of artwork on each section with discretion, timing, and most importantly finesse. A difficult wave to fully understand, but once taught the pay off can be huge. Here’s me trying to paint my own mosaic in the vast open canvas of the Lane…

“And I Know… I’m married to the Sea – Surfing is a curse as well as passion. Once emitted into its overwhelming presence your life is changed forever. No matter who your with, what your doing, or even the loved one your with the thought of the swell…”   Cody Burks

Cody takin the easy route


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